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Thursday, July 26, 2012

His Mudder Was a Mudder

We got quite a bit of rain here in the Sacramento Mountains last night.  We had an astounding lightning show with the storm.  When Dr. K, Becca and I hit the Osha Trail early this morning we reveled in the forest beauty, gawking in delight at the many different flowers, the fruit of the mountain rains.  Of course, as with all things, the life-giving rain also had a negative effect:  the mud along the trail we had trouble avoiding.  The mountaintop scenery, however, made the inconvenience seem insignificant.


Dr. K said...

So great to see those beautiful wildflowers.

Scott said...

The alpine floral display's a far cry from the desert this time of year.

packrat said...

I'll say, Scott. It's great to get up here for a cool respite. We've been getting showers every day.

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