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Friday, October 11, 2013

In the High Country Now

Path to a good education
We had an unpleasant surprise when we reached our property in High Rolls early this afternoon; as you can see, a dead tree was blown down, and it fell right onto our fence, breaking the top of one picket.  We're going to have to get a tree man out to remove it, along with several other dead pinyons.  It's 55 degrees Fahrenheit right now with a stiff breeze.  Feels pretty darned cold outside.  It's supposed to hit 40 F tonight.  That's what several thousand feet of elevation gain will do for you.
Why they're called "Cottontails"

Down in the lower desert

On the rise

Desert Broom, Torrey Yucca, Ocotillos and mountain

If a tree falls on your fence when nobody's around . . .

Daisies at the fenceline

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Dr. K said...

The trees are turning color up here in High Rolls.

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