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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Shopping-Day Hike

A type of prairie clover
Because I had to go grocery shopping this morning, and to run a few other errands, Becca and I had to cut our hike short.  Our abbreviated hike had two upsides:  1) We got to meet a two-year-old white Labrador named "Gypsy," who got along with Becca just fine; and 2) we bumped into our good buddy Jimmy, and got to chew the fat with him for ten or fifteen minutes.  "Chew the fat" strikes me as a tedious substitute for "shoot the breeze." Literally, though, I bet Becca would prefer the former rather than the latter.
In the mountain's shadow

Optical illusion:  Becca is actually several feet behind this Barrel Cactus

The sunny foothills of Tortugas Mountain

On a roller-coaster road

More foothills (feethill?)

Large stand of Ocotillos across a wide swath of desert


Dr. K said...

I can see from your photos that the clinchweed is still blooming.

Scott said...

Because the prairie clover is in the shade,it's hard to tell the color. Is it pink or purple? The broad swath of flowers is very nice regardless of color, of course. Is this display courtesy of abundant recent rainfall, or does this happen each year?

Looks like you still have low humidity based on the deep blue sky. Enjoy it, even if you have to cut your walk short for errands.

packrat said...

The prairie clover is a purplish color, Scott. Yes, the rain is responsible for the greater number of prairie clover plants, but we generally have them blooming this time of year--just not in such large quantity.

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