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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dromedary Day

A Packrat and his dog (or, at least, their shadows)
No, we didn't see any camels on our hike this morning; it's just a silly way of saying "hump day."  It was quite cold when we started out:  18 degrees Fahrenheit.  The one really good thing was that there was no wind.  Even a moderate wind would have made it feel much worse.  We ran into JC and Shaque and hiked with them on about two-thirds of the inner loop trail.  Then JC and I stood shooting the breeze back at the trailhead while Becca and Shaque waited patiently in their respective vehicles.
Glad to reach the sun on a cold morning

Looking back at the mountain's edge

Looking for friendly faces:  canine and human alike

White-winged dove on a Torrey Yucca


Scott said...

Nine degrees and overcast here this morning with a bit of a breeze. Walking out and back along our 0.1-mile driveway to get the newspaper was enough for me! You and Becca are from pretty hardy stock, Packrat!

Dr. K said...

Packrat, being from Ohio, doesn't mind the cold nearly as much as I (an Arizona native) do.

packrat said...


Nine degrees with a breeze is COLD!

packrat said...

Hearty Western Reserve stock, Dr. K.


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