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Friday, January 17, 2014

Weekend Starts Now

White-winged Dove
It was a bit windy when we hit the trail this morning, but the temperature was higher than in recent days.  Becca and I did a long hike then linked up with JC and Shaque to hike about 2/3 of the inner loop trail.  There were a few other outdoor enthusiasts around the mountain, but we didn't run into any.  Afterwards I drove up Telshor to Celebrate (liquor store) because I felt like having a few beers tonight.  I chose one of my favorites:  Dale's Pale Ale, a decent IPA put out by the Oskar Blues Brewery in Colorado.
This jet looks as if it's traveling straight up, like a rocket

Looking for a spot off trail to take care of business

1/4 lbs. lighter

Intersecting lines

The noble canine

JC, Shaque and Becca


Scott said...

In Pennsylvania, by state law, you've got to buy beer by the case at a specialty beer distributor (unless you want to go to a bar, where you can buy a six-pack at a hugely inflated price). No beer at the supermarket. It's an incredibly Byzantine arrangement. Anyway, I'm down to one oatmeal stout in the 'frige right now, so I gotta' make a beer run soon!

packrat said...


A few years ago when my brother and I were in Pittsburgh and went to a grocery store to buy a six-pack we were stunned to discover we couldn't buy one, and that we'd have to go to a beer distributor to buy a case--which was way more than we wanted. Not sure I understand the logic behind the state law.

Dr. K said...

That is a very puffed-out dove.

Scott said...

I've lived here for 26 years and still can't figure out the logic of the alcohol laws, Packrat.

By this point, the laws are so ossified (and favorable to certain political interests) that there's little hope of changing them.

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