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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Near the Organ Mountains

On the Sierra Vista Trail
At the ranch this morning it was windy and cold, so Dr. K and I dressed appropriately for our hike with Becca.  However, when we got up into the high foothills beside the Organ Mountains it was sunny and warm.  No wind.  Midway on our trek it became evident we were overdressed.  When we stopped for water I removed my PolarPlus vest, and still I felt warm on the inbound leg (inbound leg of the trail, that is).  By the time we reached our car at the trailhead both Dr. K and I had raised a little perspiration.  A very good hike nonetheless.
A spinal column too small to be bovine

The rugged mountains

Moon over Tortugas Mountain

Headed for Bishop's Cap

Through a grassy section of desert

Southern reaches of the Organ Mountains

Way up ahead on the return trip

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Dr. K said...

A beautiful winter day in the desert.

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