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Monday, January 20, 2014


Don't wander carelessly off the trail here
I expected more people to be out on the mountain during this federal holiday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  JC, Shaque, Becca and I did run into a small family while we were headed back to the parking area.  JC managed to snag Shaque, who wanted to gallop ahead to greet the children.  Becca went a short distance off trail and lay down when I gave the command, "Down!"  Afterward Becca and I went to gas up the RAV4 and get a car wash.  Becca is never thrilled about riding through the car wash with me.

This is what you call "forging ahead."

Dissipating contrail

Sunny morning in the Chihuahuan Desert

Computer-enhanced Red-Tail Hawk image


Scott said...

I imagine that Becca freaks when you take her through the carwash! My animal companions would go crazy!

We had a Day of Service at my preserve for MLK Day; we had volunteers (about 15) help us remove invasive plants and ready an area for reforestation in the spring.

packrat said...

That sounds a very productive use of time and human energy, Scott.

Dr. K said...

Impressive red-tailed hawk on a beautiful winter day.

Hump Day Hawk

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