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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Shopping Day at the Hacienda

Shortened the hike a bit this morning so I could go shopping at both Target and Albertson's.  We did trek part of the inner loop trail with JC and Shaque, but we couldn't spend much time chatting afterward because of errand-running obligations.  I noticed when I bought a frozen pizza at Target (a California Kitchen's Margherita) that the darned thing was 2/3 the size of the one I bought several months ago.  This is the most infuriating kind of downsizing because the price of the product stays the same or is raised.


Dr. K said...

NIce that you could get a hike in before your frustrating shopping experience.

Scott said...

Not to stick my nose up in the air or anything like that, but Kali and I make our own homemade pizzas, so our pizzas only get smaller if Kali doesn't make enough dough for the crust.

I noticed this sneaky downsizing strategy first in the size of candy bars.

packrat said...

We frequently make our own pizzas, too, Scott. You ought to see me toss pizza dough in the air! Since I'm only half-Italian, though, it usually gets stuck on the ceiling.


Scott said...

Kali's half-Italian, too, but she doesn't toss the dough she has just kneaded to perfection; she just lets me nudge it into shape on the baking sheet.

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