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Saturday, January 4, 2014

We Meet at Last!

Looking down the road that leads up Tortugas Mountain
It seems like several years now since my friend Scott over at "It Just Comes Naturally" ( told me he had a student whose aunt hiked at Tortugas Mountain all the time.  The niece said her aunt had two dogs, a little white one and a larger black one.  In all the years I've hiked there I had never bumped into her--until today.  She was parked right behind my car, and when I introduced myself we had a good laugh.  "Small world," the aunt said.  Seems her niece has graduated from college and is working in Pittsburgh.

Mormon Tea (left)

Shaque and JC


Dr. K said...

Mormon tea contains a chemical that is close to sufedrin, so it's good to nibble on if you have a cold.

packrat said...

I wish you had mentioned that earlier, Dr. K. I could have been out there nibbling on Mormon Tea bushes.


Scott said...

Packrat: At the end of the term (it was only December 2011, not an age ago), my student (whose Las Cruces-based aunt has the pair of dogs) told me that she would put me in touch with some of the environmental groups operating out of Las Cruces, but I never heard from her again. It's good to learn (even second hand) that she's gotten a job and is working in Pittsburgh. It's a small world indeed, and you've got to behave yourself (not that I don't). Thanks for the update!

Scott said...

Packrat: Make that December 2012, not 2011, as I stated in my previous comment--even less of an age ago!

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