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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday Crowd

Things are about to warm up
The lot at the Sunset Parking area was pretty full this morning, and people were out enjoying the mountain.  When Becca and I were about to enter our house after we returned home she bent her nose to sniff something.  When I told her to "leave it," and she did, I saw that there was a small, mummified frog with its head right against the front door step-up.  I don't know if it froze to death, but the thought that it was seeking heat made me feel sad.  I moved it so I could take a picture of the emaciated carcass.
Balloonists getting an early start

Balloons and Pichacho Peak

This way to the lower desert

Inviting Chihuahuan Desert postcard

It's a long haul this way

At the horizon line

Eagle eyes

Mummified frog on our doorstep

Skin and bones


Dr. K said...

That poor frog!

Scott said...

When Kali and I visited our retirement house outside Fort Collins last summer we found a small mummified lizard at a doorway inside the house. It probably was desperate to get out.

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