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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hiking at 7,000 Feet

A type of Popweed?
Dr. K, Becca and I had to make a quick trip up to High Rolls to take a meter reading of our well.  Before we did that, though, we took a hike along the Grand View Trail just outside of the village.  We ran into a woman and her two small dogs about an eighth mile from the trailhead, a very friendly woman we've run into before.  Since she had just started hiking we bumped into her again later just as we turned around to do a return trip to the upper trailhead.  She was the only outdoorsy type we encountered during our trek.
Could be Fendler's Bladderpod

Vista from the Grand View Trail

Midway Point ramada on the Grand View Trail

Sand Verbena

Algerita (aka Mexican Barberry)


Fragrant Ash

Feather Dalea

High-elevation break

Iris at our place in High Rolls

Red Yucca at our place in Las Cruces


Dr. K said...

Even a very quick trip to High Rolls is refreshing.

packrat said...

You've got that right, Dr. K. Becca is sure about it. She got to see her buddy Cowboy. :)

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