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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Arroyo Exploration

We've just come this way behind Tortugas Mountain
Dr. K, Becca and I did a long Sunday morning trek, departing from the Monte Vista side of Tortugas Mountain, circling around to the far west (Sunset) side of the mountain, and then looping along and through the Tellbrook Arroyo, which we hadn't explored in over a year.  There's something magical about hiking inside a desert arroyo; for one thing it's where many plants grow that require more moisture than is available in higher, rockier elevations.
Always running ahead


Ruins of a circular rock house

Dr. K appears to be sniffing an Ocotillo flower

In the distance the Organ Mountains

Cactus-studded south flank of Tortugas

This spot where Becca and Dr. K have stopped . . .

. . . is at the bottom of where the right flank of Tortugas (left) levels off

Some Ocotillos have begun to leaf out

Strawberry Pitaya Cacti behind Tortugas

A single Strawberry Pitaya flower beginning to open

Same flower, different angle

Prickly Pear Cactus blossom

Apache Plume blooming on the bank of a large arroyo

Dr. K and Becca in the Tellbrook Arroyo, one of the largest out of the Organs

Day at the beach

Desert Sumac flowers


Dr. K said...

Those photos of the Apache plume show how intricate those flowers are.

packrat said...

They do, indeed, Dr. K.

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