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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Winter's Day . . .

Cloudy start
Did we ever have a change of weather overnight.  We awoke to a cloudy, cool morning that got progressively colder.  Becca and I managed to do about three-quarters of a long hike before we got rained on, large sporadic drops that came down hard, but not heavily.  After our trek I made the mistake of going shopping wearing a short-sleeve shirt and summer shorts.  Was I ever in for a rude awakening.  When I emerged from Target the wind was howling and the sky was threatening a downpour.  When I came out of Albertsons about half an hour later it was colder still, with raging winds and rain.  And the temperature had plummeted enough to make it feel as if winter was paying us a return visit.  I've had the furnace running all day to ward off the chill in the house.
Striking for the high foothills

Bishop Cap

The sky holds a threat

Into the Martian desert

Alert for alien life

Hint of blue

Pale Evening Primrose

Long way to go

What we left behind

Potrillo Mountains in the haze

Torrey Yucca (left) and giant Ocotillo

About three-fourths of the way through our trek

Silver-dollar-size raindrops that began falling on us

About half a mile from where our car waits

Doña Ana Mountains beneath heavy cloud cover

Far west of the Tortoise (Tortugas Mountain)

The road to better weather

Organ Mountains

Village of Talavera at the base of the Organ Mountains


Dr. K said...

You might have been cold, Packrat, but you still took some beautiful photos.

packrat said...

Aw--thanks, Dr. K. :)

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