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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Surprisingly Frosty Morn

There's a dog behind that frostbitten windshield
It was 27F when Becca and I headed out this morning, and I was surprised to find enough ice on the RAV4's windshield to require scraping.  Fortunately, in the sunshine out on the mountain, the conditions were quite bearable, primarily because there was no wind to create a windchill.  There were a lot of red plastic route markers tied to Creosote Bushes on the trail around the mountain, and it was obvious there's to be a run later today or tomorrow.  I hope that whoever is responsible for the route markers is also responsible for taking them down after the event.
Ballooning in the desert


Narrow trail

The lead scout

Mormon Tea flower

White-winged Dove in an Ocotillo

Wild Rhubarb seems to love sandy soil

It's a long way from here to the Organ Mountains


Tortugas Mountain

Claret Cups and bud

Where to find water in the desert

A fairly large Mesquite Tree in an arroyo west of the mountain


Dr. K said...

I love the purplish color of the ratany.

packrat said...

It's a difficult flower to photograph, Dr. K, because the petals have a fuzzy quality to them that always makes the blossoms look out of focus.

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