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Monday, June 6, 2016

A Good Rain

Becca out ahead of me as usual
Yesterday--late afternoon and into the early evening--we had a few brief thunderstorms that arrived with strong winds, lightning, thunder (of course) and heavy downpours.  We got quite a bit of precipitation at our hacienda, and in the morning out at Tortugas Mountain there was evidence of substantial rain, too.  Even our buddy Gregg, who we ran into at the end of our trek, noticed that rain had fallen.  He lives on the north side of town, and he said they didn't get a drop out there.  We need the moisture, but hiking in the desert on the morning after a rainstorm is often uncomfortable because of the high humidity. 
The buds of this Nipple Beehive Cactus are growing large

Across a hot desert floor

Kinky Ocotillos

Gravelly desert floor

Dried Ocotillo flowers

Chihuahuan Desert after rain


Dr. K said...

Those dried ocotillo flowers look like a wedding bouquet. Very pretty.

packrat said...

Thank you, Dr. K. :)

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