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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

There'll Be a Change in the Weather

Just starting off
Today's hike was miserable compared to yesterday's.  Yesterday there were plenty of clouds to shield us from the blazing sun, and a persistent wind to provide evaporative cooling.  Today there wasn't even a breeze; and even though the temperature wasn't high, the sun beat down on us relentlessly.  Add abundant humidity to the recipe, and you can guess that Becca and I were suffering in the desert heat.  We took plenty of shade breaks, though, during which we drank sufficient water to stay hydrated.  Despite the torture we had a rewarding morning trek.
Into the sun

An early shade break

Not a watermelon on a stick (Soaptree Yucca fruit)

Ocotillo flowers

West of Tortugas

A look at the distant Organs

Same spot, 5X

Same spot, 10X

Say's Phoebe?

Say's Phoebe?

Ocotillos green from the rain

Desert Cottontail

Desert Cottontail

Desert Cottontail

Blue Mud Dauber on Soaptree Yucca fruit

I watched this guy picking off ants for a tasty snack



Dr. K said...

That last photograph (Huh?) is amazing, Packrat.

packrat said...

Thank you, Dr. K. :)

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