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Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Head Scratcher

Velvety Nerisyrenia
It was unusually crowded on the western side of Tortugas Mountain this morning, the Sunset Area parking lot almost full by the time Becca and I started our trek at 6:45 a.m.  The other puzzling thing is the presence of old tires close to the trail, two piles of ten or twelve tires each.  Young people in the past have carried tires to the top of the mountain to roll down for entertainment purposes.  I'm hoping that other young people--more environmentally-minded--will collect these tires and dispose of them properly.
Striking into the outback

Just west of Tortugas

Organ Mountains

On the long, sandy road

Bishop Cap on the horizon

Interesting overcast above the mountains

Same perspective, further away

An Ocotillo forest between here and the mountains

Still in a cloud shadow

Small Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus

During snake season some things make you pull up short

One of several piles of old tires west of Tortugas Mountain


Dr. K said...

I hate to see those old tires littering the desert. Sad and frustrating.

packrat said...

I agree, Dr. K. I'm hoping they're being stacked for the purpose of discarding them.

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