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Friday, June 10, 2016

No Breeze

Pyrrhuloxia (Desert Cardinal) in our Mesquite Tree
It was hot when Becca and I hit the trail west of Tortugas Mountain this morning and there was no breeze to ameliorate the heat.  By the time we got finished with a long trek into and out of the outback both Becca and I felt as if we had just crossed the Sahara Desert.  Even our buddy Gregg, who we ran into back near the trailhead, could see how hot the Beckster was, making a comment about her tongue hanging out of her mouth.  Just like mine.
Same Desert Cardinal

Packrat and Becca

Trekking across the arid desert

Agave in bloom

Rock outcropping just off the road to the mountaintop

Agave parryi

Mountain flank covered in Ocotillos


Dr. K said...

Beautiful photos of the desert cardinal, Packrat.

packrat said...

Thanks, Dr. K. :)

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