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Monday, June 27, 2016

Swarming Bugs and a Roadrunner

Not an exorcism
Yesterday's rain gave us cool temperatures for our morning hike, though the humidity was pretty high.  With a nice breeze, though, Becca and I felt quite comfortable.  About midway through our trek we came upon a Roadrunner who was so busy hunting his breakfast he seemed unconcerned about our presence.  He got so close to me at one point I thought I could reach out and shake his wing.  He was always on the move, though, as Roadrunners frequently are.  I had hoped for a better photo-op, but he was in a hurry to go on his way.
Down the bobsled run

On the flank of Tortugas

This guy was hunting incredibly close to us

He kept an eye on us, but not a wary one

Being a Roadrunner, though . . .

. . . he had to take off ("Meep Meep")

Slight humidity haze at the base of the Organs

Lemon-yellow butterfly

Ocotillo prison

Western flank of Tortugas and the Organ Mountains

Becca at the Ocotillo Forest

Two Ladderback Woodpeckers

Ocotillos are blooming again

Yesterday's rain has the Ocotillos looking green

Cholla getting ready to blossom again

Our neighbor's giant Century Plant in full bloom


Dr. K said...

That roadrunner must have sensed that you were a friend. Or else, as you say, it was just focusing on getting breakfast.

packrat said...

I did try to give it some money for an Egg McMuffin, Dr. K.

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