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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Natty Bumppo et al.

Just off our road in the Sacramento Mountains
We drove forty minutes from our place in High Rolls to the Cathey Vista parking lot off the Sunspot Highway (a two-lane road) in order to hike the Cathey Canyon Trail, which we hadn't done in some time.  What we didn't know was that the area had been hard hit by heavy wind from storms (and there was some evidence of lightning-caused fire).  I didn't realize I'd have to play Pathfinder for a good portion of the way due to downed trees and debris that occasionally obscured the trail, at times forcing us to make wide detours in search of where the path picked up again.  Most of the way, too, we hiked under the threat of rain while listening to thunder clapping overhead.  Fortunately we didn't get wet.  But the Forest Service managed to add to our confusion about the trail we were following by replacing an old sign that had marked the junction of the Cathey Vista Trail and T-105, the Rim Trail, an ancient marker that always reassured us we had taken the right turn.  All worked out fine in the end, though, and we didn't make any wrong trail choices despite our uncertainty.
Heading down the drive looking for her buddies

Morning sky in High Rolls

Searching for Champ and Cowboy

View from Cathey Vista

Indian Paintbrush

Hoverfly (?) on a daisy

Another view

Hoverfly butt

And again

I'm not even sure these are daisies

Mule Deer doe

Our elevation not long after starting our trek

Western Wallflower

Western Wallflower


Sunflowers (Helianthus)


Becca picks up a scent

Beginning the descent into Cathey Canyon

We're taking Cathey Canyon Trail 105A

Through here?

Skyward at an Aspen canopy

Becca's far ahead of the pack

Irises and Aspens

Entering bear territory

The tree appears to be an elder

Almost looks like a Mexican Elder, but I don't think they grow at 9,500 ft.

This is an optical illusion because Becca and I are descending steeply

Believe it or not this is the trail

Someone drilled a perfect hole through this stone, why I can't say

An omen of coming troubles

Trail through a dense woodland

Looking down at mountains from 9,500 feet

Dr. K climbing over a fallen tree

An area of widespread destruction

Stand of Quaking Aspen

What you don't expect to find in the wilderness

Yin and yang of a sky

Indian Paintbrush

White Sands from the Sacramentos

Vervain is in bloom all over the mountains

Black Swallowtail

Swallowtail from the rear

Source of thunder

The way back to the parking area

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Dr. K said...

Those cows were an unexpected surprise in the wilderness.

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