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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Paying the Price

Just before dropping into the lower desert behind Tortugas Mountain
Even though Dr. K, Becca and I were on the trail at 7:00 a.m. it was already toasty out in the great northern Chihuahuan Desert.  Because of a light breeze we didn't suffer much until the final quarter of our hike, but then we really started to heat up.  We took frequent shade and water breaks to make sure Becca could cool down and to keep every body hydrated.  All in all it was a good long trek despite the searing conditions.  We ran into Raymond behind the mountain, and Jimmy was just pulling into the Monte Vista parking area as we were leaving.  Raymond still had half the mountain to circumnavigate, and Jimmy was just starting out.  I didn't envy either one of them.
Looking upslope just south of the mountain

The deep gully we're about to cross through

Facing south above the gully

Cacti and Ocotillos on Tortugas's south slope

Why it's called "Tortugas" Mountain

Creosote Bushes in bloom

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Dr. K said...

This time of year it's best to start hiking at dawn, though that's hard even for Packrat and Becca.

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