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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Humid With a Chance of Rain

Becca and I got a bit of a late start this morning, and even though it wasn't hot conditions were uncomfortable because of high humidity.  According to local meteorologists there's a good chance of rain later today; abundant sunshine coupled with ample moisture creates "lift" that often results in thunderstorms.  We'll see what we get in the form of precipitation.  I decided to cut our daily trek a little short because Becca seemed to be bothered by the humidity.  We'll have to leave much earlier in the coming days because we're in for something of an early-June heatwave.
On the steep slope of Tortugas

Prickly Pear with huge pads

Down the bobsled run

Prickly Pear and Bishop Cap

The largest pad is as big as a dinner plate



Ocotillo prison

Devil's Head


Dr. K said...

About the first photo--is the hole in the rock natural or manmade?

packrat said...

Man-made, Dr. K. It's up there where the old rock quarry is.

Scott said...

Sorry...I don't get the "Puppy?" caption.

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