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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Shades of Monsoon Season

Slaloming along the Squiggly Trail
Starting in late May the weather conditions have been very much like our so-called "monsoon season," which generally starts around July 4th.  So for weeks already we've had high humidity, hot temperatures and showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon.  Even though Becca and I got an early start this morning it was sweltering in the desert, owing, in large part, to the rain we got last night.  Now (just past noon) we've already had a few sprinkles.  If you're interested in monsoon season you can read about it here:
Enjoying the shadow on a hot morning

Into the sunshine again

Becca spots someone above us on the mountain

Cresting the high foothills trail

Break in the shade of an Ocotillo (and a little Packrat shadow)

In the distance:  Bishop Cap

The vast Chihuahuan Desert

Typical desert scene

Much-needed break

Creosote flower

Ocotillo thicket and a tall Soaptree Yucca

Clouds over the flank of Tortugas Mountain

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Becca instinctively knows how to take care of herself in the heat.

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