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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Camera Woes

Are we leaving soon?
I had to send the FujiFilm S9900W back because of a defective shutter release button, and my old FujiFilm S700 has a broken battery compartment door, so I took my Sony Alpha 100 DSLR out this morning, my Tamron 75-300mm telephoto lens attached to it; the Sony with said lens is a much heavier package to deal with during a long trek.  I'm now in the process of doing careful research concerning the next "bridge" camera I should buy, leaning slightly toward the Canon PowerShot SW60 HS.  You don't really appreciate the convenience of a bridge camera with built-in lenses until you're out in the desert having to change lenses on your Digital SLR.  Nevertheless, all images here were taken with the Sony DSLR.
Nothing better than being out on the trail

Are there other hikers about?

Lingering fog in the Mesilla Valley

Moving through very light fog

Another Devil's Head

Vesuvius?  No--Picacho Peak, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Rock garden in the early morning

Sun spot masquerading as Sol

One perspective on the giant Soaptree Yucca

Very Prickly Pear pads

Enjoying a mountain bike ride

Looking west from a point west of Tortugas Mountain

The observatory atop Tortugas Mountain

Sections of Tortugas and the Organs

It's not that I have yucca fever it's just that they're everywhere

In a valley north of the mountains

The rugged Organ Mountains

Barrel Cactus wearing a girdle

Distant view of the Organs

Here we're bushwhacking

Here we're on the dirt road around the mountain

Artsy or not

A different perspective on the tallest Soaptree Yucca

Cactus Wren on a Yucca bayonet

Shady respite

Same Cactus Wren different yucca

Tortugas Mountain Observatory

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Dr. K said...

I'm glad to see that the fog lifted quickly.

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