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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Chihuahuan Desert Christmas

A look up at the western slope of Tortugas Mountain
Dr. K, Becca and I did an extra long hike west of Tortugas Mountain this morning in difficult weather conditions.  Although the sun made frequent appearances during our trek, the brisk wind kept the ambient temperature cold.  The wind chill when we started off was 28F, and we're only supposed to hit 48F today.  Last night the wind was so strong that it kept waking us up.  Despite the adverse weather we all enjoyed ourselves during our long Christmas hike today.
Potrillo Mountains

Trail to the dense clouds

Tallest Soaptree Yucca this side of the Pecos

At the base of the yucca

Keeping the leaning tower of yucca from toppling over

A look at the top of the yucca

Shaggy trunk of the Soaptree Yucca

Dr. K posing near the yucca

Becca the bushwhacker

We're headed right through here

Long view of the cloudy Chihuahuan Desert

My favorite Torrey Yucca in cloudy conditions

Clouds obscure the peaks of the Organ Mountains

Long way across the desert to the mountains

A flower still in bloom on Christmas day, Chihuahuan Desert

Organ Mountains

Yucca and Ocotillo west of Tortugas

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I had to really bundle up today, mostly because of the cold wind. But it was a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas with Packrat and Becca.

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