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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Busy Thursday

Neighborhood moon
I'm guessing it was really crowded on and about the mountain this morning because the weather for the past three or four days has been gorgeous.  Low-70s for mid-December is nothing to sneeze at--unless you have allergies or a cold.  Because it was exceedingly pleasant Becca and I did a long hike, half of which was comprised of bushwhacking in the outback.  With the exception of birds and a few rabbits and hares (jackrabbits) we saw no other critters.  I'm always disappointed when we don't at least hear Coyotes in the desert.  Haven't seen any javelina recently, either.
Sun breaking over Tortugas Mountain

Moon over Las Cruces

Moon over Picacho Peak

Moon balancing on telephone pole

Into the desert

Yucca blocking the sun

Tortugas Mountain from the west

Tortugas and the Organs

One of my favorite Torrey Yuccas

Into an arroyo

Those are from a horse, not Becca's paw prints

Desert driftwood

Bushwhacking in the Chihuahuan Desert

Mountain climbing anyone?

Bent Soaptree Yucca stalk

Spent seed pods of the Soaptree Yucca

Barrel Cactus still with fruit

Skeletons of flower stalks

Tall, old Soaptree Yucca

More bushwhacking

Looking down on a dead Hedgehog (cactus, that is)

Nest in a yucca

Probably the work of a Cactus Wren

A little fatigued from the long trek?

Rocket trail from a launch at White Sands Missile Range

Vast sky over the Organ Mountains

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Those moon photos are nice. And I'm always amazed at how birds can construct their intricate nests amid the sharp spines of a cactus plant.

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