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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Cold Air Mass

Fishhook Barrel Cactus (Ferocactus wislizeni) with a crop of fruit
We've got a massive cold front slipping in from the northeast today, and already this morning Becca and I were feeling its effects.  It's supposed to get quite cold tonight with a 30% chance of precipitation.  If we do get some rain there's a good chance there will be a dusting of snow on the Organ Mountains tomorrow morning.  I think our high temperature Wednesday will be in the mid-40s.  We ran into some guy toward the end of our hike who said he was looking forward to colder temps.  I feel that way, too.
Closeup of the fruit

Devil's Head Cactus (Echinocactus horizonthalonius) has many names

Looking ahead

Darker clouds to the south

B&W experiment

Not much color in the color scene

Down the single-track

Here we go experimenting again

Not sure I like the B&W any better

Headed to the mountain

Halfway to the high foothills

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Beautiful photos of the clouds, sky, sunlight, and mountains. Personally, I'd be happy if the weather remained warm year round.

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