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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Nothing of Note Post

West through the lower desert
I say "nothing of note," but there were a few things to take note of after all:  the beautifully cold and crisp morning, a Black-throated Sparrow, and a Desert Cottontail that slipped under a bush as we passed.  I wouldn't even have noticed the latter unless I'd seen him dive under there.  We also ran into JC and Olivia on the way in; they seemed in fine spirits.  We stood and talked for a while, mostly about Doug Jones's unlikely win in Alabama.  Both JC and I agreed that the Democrats better guard against getting big heads over the victory.
♪♪ "Desperado . . ." ♪♪

Ocotillo, Creosote and Prickly Pear growing together

This way to the mountain

Our old pal Yucca the Baboon

Getting way ahead of the pack

I'd call this singing group the "Pointy Sisters"

Up close and personal with a Soaptree Yucca

Same yucca

What is the meaning of life oh Wise One?

Practice non-attachment even if it means falling off your perch

What dat?

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