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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Hot Hike in OMDPNM

Familiar scene near the Sierra Vista trailhead
Dr. K, Becca and I got an early start in Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument this morning, and we spent a few hours thoroughly enjoying time well spent in this local natural wonder.  Although we ran into no other outdoor enthusiasts while we were on the single-track trail that heads east toward the rugged peaks we were not alone.  There were quite a few RVs in the campground, and we saw several mountain bikers tooling along a trail north of us.  We had no encounters of the third kind, however, not even when we got back to our Jeep.
Our Jeep among the campers. Far right RV from British Columbia

Organ Mountains in milky sunlight

Rolling grassland meets mountains

Barrel Cacti along the edge of the trail

Barrel Cactus with some fruit

Leader of the pack

Odd couple:  young Barrel Cactus and a grass ball

Mountains afloat on a sea of grass

No comment :)

9,000 feet in elevation

Rugged peaks

Dr. K and a Barrel Cactus

Barrel and me

Tortugas Mountain at the horizon


Headed toward the peaks

Wild clouds

That wind will be ushering in a cold front later today

Mostly blue sky

On the road to the mountains

Big, old Ocotillo

Slightly different perspective from the last shot

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

We might not get weather this warm for a while, so I'm happy we were able to get out today and take a relaxing hike.

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