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Sunday, November 4, 2018

A Mere Saunter

First three:  Soledad Rocks
Dr. K and I decided it would do Becca more harm than good by leaving her at home while we did a Sunday morning hike, so we brought her along to the upper Sierra Vista Trail with us; and we all did a highly abbreviated trek--a saunter, really--at the Soledad Rocks.  We kept it real easy so she wouldn't exert herself too much.  On the prescription instructions on the Rimadyl bottle it reads "Restrict Activity," and we did just that.  She's been completely out of action in terms of hiking for the past four days.  She seemed happy to get out into the desert, and her physical condition afterward is good.

Indian hueco (mortar hole) filled with water

More like "Soledad Boulders"

Some of the flora growing among the rocks

Looking straight up the west face

This and the next six:  more of the rocks

Becca enjoying a desert saunter

Don't know why anybody would carve a Prickly Pear pad like this



Those rocks are awesome! Wild scenery.

Dr. K said...

That prickly pear cactus that you photographed had a lot of bites taken out of it. Amazing what some desert critters can consume.

packrat said...

Hi Jacqui:

They are indeed awesome. In many sections you can do quite a bit of safe climbing on them. :)

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