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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Another Monte Vista Morning

Sky at start
Becca and I got a late start on our morning trek out of the Monte Vista area on the east side of Tortugas Mountain, although only a few other outdoor enthusiasts were there before us.  Almost immediately, however, a mountain biker passed us on the loop trail, and when we looked ahead a woman and her dog were approaching.  About midway through the hike we ran into a guy hiking with his dog--a friendly Australian Shepherd--and while she and Becca played he and I talked about prior professions and politics.  We were of the same political bent so we were able to converse honestly about the dire state of our country, both agreeing that we never thought our nation could succumb to such insanity.  We palavered for a good fifteen or twenty minutes before parting company.  Apologies for posting so many photos of the Organ Mountains, but I often like to put them up in order to evaluate which ones are the best.
First bend on the trail around the mountain

Lyreleaf Jewelflowers are blooming all over the mountain

All the yellow blossoms belong to Lyreleaf Jewelflowers

More yellow

Becca enjoying a warm desert outing

A look at the Organ Mountains

Franklin Mountains at left (Texas) and the Sierra de Juarez (Mexico)

A bit of climbing

The trail ahead

A little yucca forest

This and the next 2:  Organ Mountains

On the plateau

This kind of morning

Trail around Tortugas Mountain

Closer look at the trail

Becca exploring

Spotting something

Locked on and tracking

Leader of the pack

This and the rest:  Organ Mountains

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

So many photos of the Organs to choose from, Packrat. I really like the first photo that you posted of the sky when you and Becca first started hiking this morning.

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