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Friday, March 15, 2019

Good Critter Day

Lyreleaf Jewelflowers
Becca and I did an early morning hike west of Tortugas Mountain today and we spotted a couple of engaging critters along the way:  two Black-tailed Jackrabbits and a Red-tailed Hawk.  We also ran into our pal Jimmy who was headed to the top of the mountain.  We stood chatting for a while until I informed him that Becca and I were heading out onto Baylor Canyon Road to search for the poppy bloom he'd told me about a few days earlier.  Since the poppies were spread out on both sides of the road we had no trouble finding them.  It was beautiful out there, but the darned wind had picked up enough to make it difficult for me to open the driver's-side door in order to get out to snap a couple of photos.  Although the wind was bad it wasn't even close to what it had been the day before yesterday when a 104 mph gust was measured at San Augustine Pass where Highway 70 crosses the Organ Mountains.
Devil's Head

Torrey Yucca with its "redhead" flower stalk

Closer look at the upcoming flower stalk

Becca enjoying a morning hike

Slalom trail

What's up there?

What's around here?

My-eye view

Becca's-eye view

Bet that bitch can't see me now

Why they're called "Black-tailed Jackrabbits"

American Desert Hare foraging

Sitting pretty

Always spotting something

This and the next 3:  buds of the Claret Cup Cactus

Looking west

Back toward Tortugas Mountain

The long view

Practice poles at the Lineworker Program grounds

Red-tailed Hawk

Set for takeoff

If you don't stop following me . . .

Two more of the Red-tailed Hawk


Strangely white flower stalk

Slightly different perspective

Same Torrey Yucca with different flowering crowns

Closeup of one

Along Baylor Canyon Road

Heading north

I'll be making that bend

Poppy bloom on either side of Baylor Canyon Road

Poppy bloom and the Organs

This and the rest:  views of the Organ Mountains

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I love those photos of the red-tail hawk, which looks so fierce when it seems to be staring at you. It's nice that we're having a good poppy season so far.

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