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Monday, March 18, 2019

Desert to Sky Island

This and the next 2:  sky over desert hill
Becca and I did a shorter hike this morning so we could hurry home and finish packing for a trip to the Sacramento Mountains.  The morning was pretty nice down in the desert, but it's a little colder up here:  overcast and about 50F.  Supposed to dip into the low 30s tonight.  After we ate a late lunch and unpacked, Dr. K, Becca and I took a short walk around our property.  It looks pretty nice up here, and, as Dr. K pointed out, the place doesn't need any yard work yet.  That's a relief, but it won't be long until I'll be mowing and weed-eating (with a weed-eater, of course).  I'm guessing we'll probably do a short hike tomorrow morning, possibly on the Grand View Trail--one of our all-time favorites.

Yucca in bloom

Find the camouflaged dog

Yucca in bloom

Blooming yucca

Becca in sand

Yet another in bloom

Scorpion Weed

Sandy section of desert

And still another in bloom

Just west of Tortugas Mountain

Haynes Canyon

Dr. K

Red earth

Heading up our road

Bit of snow in the Sacramento Mountains

Becca and me

Happy to be in the high country

High country life

Haynes Canyon (with Dry Brush filter)

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

That's a really nice photo of you and Becca, Packrat. Even though it's pretty chilly up here, it's nice to be in the high country for Spring Break.

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