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Friday, August 9, 2019

Autumn Prelude

First 2:  Prickly Pear pears
There was a slight hint of autumn in the air this morning, and a stiff breeze to reinforce the coolness; but because we're headed for a high of 97F the feeling will be long gone by early afternoon.  Nevertheless, it felt wonderful to start a hike in those weather conditions.

Becca and I did our usual trek on Tortugas Mountain's west side despite my pronouncement yesterday about doing a different route; and, for whatever reason, it was far less crowded on Dripping Springs Road when we were leaving, even though this was the second day of school at Centennial High.

We ran into our buddy Raymond just as we hit the intersection of Geothermal Road and the road leading to the mountaintop; he was just coming down from the crest.  We enjoyed hiking the final leg with him.  Right before we reached the point of parting ways we crossed paths with a young guy and girl who were strolling shoulder-to-shoulder.  After they passed, Raymond said to me, "Only the second day of school and they're already ditching class."  "Probably something we both did in the past," I said.  We laughed because it was true.

Large, still-green Ocotillo

Morning sky from the west side of the mountain

Leading the way

This and the next:  Barrel Cactus buds

Still blazing the way

It was this kind of morning out there today

Ocotillo Row

Large Prickly Pear pears

How large are those pears?  Toe of my 11.5" boot

Same shot as yesterday's


Two shots of The Beckster


Low rider Ocotillo

White-winged Dove

The long view
Trekking along Tortugas Mountain's western slope

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

You can't blame students for ditching class in order to take a hike in the desert. I like the photos of the prickly pear fruit, Packrat.

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