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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Night and Day

On the loop road trail west of the mountain
Yesterday morning it was cool with a stiff wind; this morning not so much.  It didn't feel unbearable out there today, but it was getting close when Becca and I wrapped up our trek.  Dr. K didn't come with us because she felt under the weather.

The Sunset Area parking lot was pretty full when we got there at about 7:20 a.m., and, upon starting off, we immediately ran into a slight woman with two hefty Pitbulls on leads; she seemed barely able to restrain her dogs even though they weren't especially aggressive.  They just wanted to meet Becca.

The only other person we encountered this morning was a mountain biker who passed from behind us on Geothermal Road.  He greeted us with a friendly "Good morning," and I responded in kind.  Becca was too busy sniffing bushes to bother saying hello.  The biker had music playing at a just barely audible level, and, again, I was left to wonder why people bother listening to anything other than the sounds of the great outdoors.
Part of Las Cruces with Magdalena Peak behind

Las Cruces and Picacho Peak

Another look at Las Cruces and Magdalena Peak

Ocotillos at roadside

Bishop Cap in the distance

Ocotillos west of Tortugas

Photobombed by Becca

This and the next 2:  closing in on a relaxing Becca

Sandy area west of the mountain

Tall Ocotillos

On the horizon:  the distant Franklin Mountains (El Paso)

Soaptree Yucca leaning into it

Sun through Ocotillo

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Dr. K said...

Cute photos of Becca relaxing in one of her favorite spots.

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