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Monday, October 12, 2020

Back in the Low Desert Again

This and the next:  Barrel Cactus fruit is yellow when ripe
It was back to our regular stomping grounds for Dr. K, Willow, Frio and me this morning.  We did our usual hike up to Second Arroyo and back.

Halfway down LDR-A we saw a critter cross the trail ahead of us; it took three other individuals for us to realize it was a small pack of Coyotes.  The last one stopped briefly on the road to look back at us and make an assessment about the threat level we posed.  Not high enough for it to even trot off.

On the way up LDR we bumped into the elderly woman who hikes with two sticks; she's a very friendly person who we've encountered several times before.  She said, "I can't see you very well because my sunglasses are fogged up.  Are you the people with the Australian dogs?"  When we responded affirmatively, she said, "Haven't seen you in a while and hoped you were all right."  We said we were, and I said, "How about you--how are you doing?"  She said, "Just fine, and my hubby is fine, too."  After that brief exchange we parted company, heading in opposite directions.

That was it for encounters on this pleasantly warm day in the northern Chihuahuan Desert.

This and the next:  spent seed pods of the Soaptree Yucca


This and the next 3:  same dead Mesquite Tree

Soaptree Yucca in Second Arroyo

Dr. K and the Heelers

Frio staring at me as if I might be a stranger

The rest:  same Soaptree Yucca


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I like the 4 photos of the dead Mesquite tree. It's interesting to compare them.

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