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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Climbing High

1st 2:  mountain sunrise
Dr. K, Willow, Frio and I did quite the strenuous hike in the forest behind our cabin this morning; we climbed higher and went further than we have before.  The extra exercise was good for all of us.

We were a bit surprised at how warm it felt during our trek; both Dr. K and I were overdressed.  By the time we got back to the cabin we were almost hot.

After lunch we took Frio and Willow out into the front yard; by then I was wearing a short-sleeve shirt and shorts.  It felt a bit chilly in the shade, but I was able to step into the sunshine while playing ball with Frio so I really didn't mind the temperature.

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Dead tree

White Sands National Park from 7,000 feet

High Rolls/Mountain Park

Dead tree


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Our narrow drive

Haynes Canyon


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Dr. K said...

I really like the photo of the Haynes Canyon vista.

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