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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Even with Wind, Warmer

Early morning moon
It was warmer when we got started this morning so the wind that was blowing didn't affect us as much.

We did our normal route, spotting no other nature lovers during the trek.  I kept an eye out for our coyote buddy, but we didn't see him.  We did see a coyote in the arroyo beside our property when we were headed out for the hike, and I wondered, no doubt erroneously, if it could be the same one we keep spotting out in the desert.

Frio and Willow were very well behaved off lead today even though they were full of pee and vinegar.

Soaptree Yucca and the mountains

View to the southwest

Barrel cactus fruit

Inside of a piece of dead yucca

Willow and Frio

Hill and mountain

Experiment with a really pale moon

Experiment with a dead tree trunk


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I like your experiment with the dead tree trunk. Spooky.

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