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Monday, December 25, 2023

Christmas Hike

This & next:  bushwhacking Heelers having fun
The Ho Ho Ho Heelers and I had a semi-long hike this morning, bushwhacking eastward out of the upper reaches of the left branch arroyo for a bit.  After exploring a few new arroyos we retraced our steps and finished doing our regular trek.

It felt very cold out there today--33F with a strong wind.  Of course the dogs never slowed down enough to feel the chill.  They had a blast being off lead.  They're like Hoover vacuum cleaners on amphetamines, sniffing at every scent that may have come from a desert critter.

Except for the 15 photos I took out there I kept my hands firmly in my coat pockets for the duration.

This & next:  barrel cacti

At first I thought a coyote was staring at us

Picacho Mountain (elevation 4959 feet)

Last 2:  long view across the desert


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