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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Cloudy Morn

This kind of morning in the desert today
38F when we started off this morning, but it was 41F when we finished our hike.  Weather conditions felt alternately cold and warm according to the elusive sun, which didn't shine much during our outing.

The "O"s were happy in their usual coats, exploring here and there during their time off lead, which was most of the trek.  They were particularly well behaved except for one incident, an aborted chase of Freddie the Black-tailed Jackrabbit.  Willow listened immediately when we called her off, but Frio kept going for a bit before turning around; he wore a slightly sheepish face to suggest he knew he'd erred.

We weren't especially cold out there today, but we welcomed the comfort of the CR-V when we got back to it and climbed inside.

Frio getting ahead of the pack

Interesting clouds and contrails


Last 2:  same image different treatment


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Bad Frio--getting ahead of the rest of the pack!

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