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Monday, December 18, 2023

Lunes con Dos Amigos

1st 2:  flank of Tortugas and the Organs
Got a slightly early start with the "O"s this morning.  We did our usual hike times 2 today.  I had been planning on extending the trek, so, with the exception of climbing the steep hill east of the right branch arroyo just before reaching the bottleneck section of trail into its source, we crossed over to the LDR-A arroyo north of our usual route.  Did the normal hike again after that.

We did see the Basset people and their hounds bushwhacking out of the Tellbrook Arroyo when we were a quarter of the way down to it; both heelers spotted them and were eager to pursue, though they didn't.

Willow did head down to the arroyo and began scouting eastward until I gave a whistle for her to return, which she did.  I was a bit miffed at her for the behavior.  She badly misbehaved on the ride home, barking and snarling at Bunker--Rick's dog--just after we turned onto Tobosa.  I was so mad at Willow I wondered if using a shock collar on her would alter that instinct; but I'm opposed to shock collars.

Soaptree in the left branch

Wils and Frio

Across the Rio Grande


Leafless ocotillos in the middle branch

Climbing a hill

Dos amigos

Organ Mountains

Westward across LDR-A

This & next:  Organs

This & next:  barrel cactus

Flank of Tortugas and the Organs



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