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Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Three Friends Hike Before Shopping

Little sunlight this morning on our desert hike.  We did our usual route, the start of which was made difficult due to the Basset people heading down LDR-A just ahead of us.  I had to make the dogs wait until the Bassets had cleared off.

When we got home I was surprised to find a pulverized raptor--Cooper's Hawk, I believe--on our property.  The kill was probably perpetrated by our next-door neighbor's cat, though I've not heard of a cat catching a raptor before.

I went shopping at Albertsons after the trek, buying appropriate food items for the upcoming holiday.

This kind of day in the desert

Soaptree alongside LDR-A


My favorite Soaptree Yuccas


This & next:  Pencil Cholla

This & next 3:  Cholla Cactus with fruit

This & next:  the "O"s

Soaptree Yuccas in the left branch arroyo


Dried yucca seed pod

Play the desert flora name game

Last 3:  pretty sure it's a decimated Cooper's Hawk in our yard


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