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Friday, November 20, 2015

Beautiful Fall

R2-D2-sized Yucca on the mountain's west side
Becca and I did an extended hike west of Tortugas Mountain this morning, and we were fortunate to see a couple of Coyotes near the area where we saw a Javelina herd yesterday.  The weather was pleasantly warm, and as we trekked along in the outback it occurred to me that this is one of the most beautiful fall seasons I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing here in the northern Chihuahuan Desert.  I'm sure Becca felt the same way, but she didn't articulate it.
On the trail through the gorge

Fall leaves on an Ocotillo wand

Anything interesting back on the mountain?

View from an arroyo

Many Ocotillos are losing their leaves now

Look who we kicked up near a wide arroyo bottom

Biding time until Mr. Trickster clears out

Becca amidst the Marigolds

Across a vast expanse of desert to the Organ Mountains

West of the Tortoise

This and the two following pics:  colorful Ocotillos


Scott said...

The several images of colorful ocotillos (especially the one with the Organ Mountains in the background) are really nice. Our fall, now over in terms of colorful foliage, has been great here in the northern Piedmont this year, too.

packrat said...

Thanks, Scott. Sometimes I really miss those Midwestern and Eastern fall colors. In all the years we've lived here I cannot remember having such a colorful autumn.

Dr. K said...

I wish I could have joined you on your hike in this beautiful weather.

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