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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fog Alert

Some places had heavy fog
The weather woman this morning warned of potentially heavy fog, but we encountered none on our long trek even though we saw it in several locations--primarily at the base of the Organ Mountains.  The temperature was quite chilly around the Tortoise due to the heavy overcast and constant wind.  We were all dressed properly, though.  Although we saw three mountain bikers behind the mountain we didn't cross paths with any; the only person we bumped into was a German woman who we see frequently around Tortugas.  She's a big fan of Becca's and always has complimentary things to say about her.  
November 29th and Daisies are still in flower!

Hiking behind Tortugas Mountain

Prickly Pear pads and yellow blossoms

Becca staring up the mountain slope

Clouds and earth squeezing the Organ Mountains

Organ Mountains, southern chain of the Rockies

Smoke-signal clouds

A couple of tall Torrey Yuccas

Clouds lifting and descending on the Organs

Rabbits ears

Right before encountering a German woman hiker

Striking east

Distant dirt road

We've hiked that road countless times


Dr. K said...

That photo of smoke-signal clouds is really spectacular, Packrat.


Looks cold!

packrat said...

Hi Jacqui:

Bit on the chilly side, yes. Hope all is well with you and yours. :)

packrat said...

Thanks, Dr. K. I put it on Twitter for "The Desert Today."

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