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Friday, November 13, 2015

Today's Desert Pics

Hiking along the western flank
Becca and I did a really long hike west of Tortugas this morning, me on a particularly gimpy left knee.  Not sure why it was hurting when I woke up yesterday, but I managed to twist it a bit on yesterday's long trek.  So, not surprisingly, it was still bothering me today.  The Ibuprofen I've been taking has helped somewhat, but I'm sure some time off from hiking would help even more.  I'm not going to do that, though, unless I absolutely have to.  For one thing, Becca won't allow it.
Tall Torrey Yucca

On the precipice of a deep gorge

Heading into the lower desert

From the far outer loop road

Getting a better view of the Organs

Dirt road between Geothermal and Tellbrook

Some Ocotillos are still quite green

Organ Mountains

Interesting blanket of clouds

We had to go over to examine this Ocotillo

At first I thought the leaves were brown

Closer inspection revealed they were red

I have never seen an Ocotillo's leaves go all red like this

A family out enjoying a morning hike


Dr. K said...

I've never seen ocotillo leaves go red like that, either--usually they just go brown. I wonder what has caused it?

packrat said...

Probably from drinking too much Red Bull, Dr. K.

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