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Monday, November 30, 2015

Scraping Ice

There's a dog behind that partially-scraped windshield
I was surprised by the somewhat thick layer of ice on RAV4's windows this morning, and slightly dismayed that I had to scrape it off before our trip to Tortugas Mountain.  30 F felt rather cold out at the mountain, and both Becca and I were glad when we got out of the Tortoise's shadow and into the sun.  On the inbound leg we ran into JC and Olivia, and we all had a nice chat on the trek back to the trailhead--all except Becca, of course.
Reveling in the sunshine

Contrail meets mountain

Potrillo Mountains (25 miles southwest of Las Cruces)

At desert's edge

Far west of the Tortoise

Scouting the territory

Still scouting

Long way back to the mountain

Organ Mountains

Yucca and moon


Dr. K said...

I like the image of the sharp yucca branches, the blue sky, and the moon.

Scott said...

Packrat: We here in the northern Piedmont are still enjoying above normal temperatures for this time of year. I've only had to scrape frost off Kali's car windows one morning so far (though we have had several days below freezing). I know that it has snowed several inches already at our Colorado retirement house, and the temperatures are hovering around or just below freezing there--even for a high. Brrr...

packrat said...

"Brr" is right, Scott. We were below zero this morning, but no ice on the windshield. The wind was a bit brutal, though, and made conditions noticeably worse.

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