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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Long Haul

Trail out of the Sunset Area
We were supposed to dip to 28F last night, but it was 33F when we left for Tortugas Mountain this morning.  With the wind, though, it felt quite cold.  The steady sun ameliorated conditions, however, and my long-sleeve shirt, hooded vest and gloves were perfect for the occasion.  Becca wore her white-and-black coat.  We did an extra-long hike around the mountain, and I managed to take 47 photos--some better than others.  Here's a selection of a few I found to be interesting.
Symbiotic buddies

In need of mousse

Hewing to the high foothills trail

Tiers of a clown

Bishop Cap

Smudge of a cloud

Yellow-green bramble of Ocotillo wands

Ocotillos and the Organ Mountains

West of Tortugas Mountain

Take a bow

Torrey Yuccas

Back behind the Tortoise

The rugged Organs

Trekking alongside a cliff

Beautiful day

Nearly ground-eye view of Torrey Yuccas


Caroline said...

Maybe it's time to get Becca a new coat. She's had that one for quite a while!

packrat said...

Perhaps a mink coat, Caroline? Nice to hear from you. :)

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