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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Big To-Do on the Mountain

Away from the mountain
The parking lot at the Sunset Area was already packed when Becca and I got out there this morning.  After a long hike--during which I realized I wasn't properly dressed for the cold--we returned to find the entire west side of the mountain completely overrun by people and cars.  My guess is that it was a high-school celebration because I could hear cheerleaders cheering atop Tortugas, and there were a lot of teenage voices emanating from within the ramada. 
Looking back

The road in

Desert Marigolds still blooming everywhere

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Overflow parking (our car beneath the red dot)


Dr. K said...

I don't remember desert marigolds ever blooming this late in the season--a nice surprise.

packrat said...

You're right, Dr. K. Nor can I recall Ocotillos still being leafed out this late in the fall.

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