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Monday, May 22, 2017

Don't Bring Me Down

Somebody keeping warm in the high country
We decided to pack everything and load the car before heading for the Grand View Trail for a last hike before heading down into the lower desert.  We had a very nice trek, and we ran into absolutely no one on the trail.  Afterwards we hit the road and returned to Las Cruces, where we're already missing the mountains.  It was slated to be 73F in High Rolls; but it's 90F here in the low country.  It also feels a little humid because there's a slight chance of rain.
Cozy getaway

Becca in our driveway

Looking for cicadas

On the lookout

White Sands in living color

Black & White Sands National Monument

Juniper country

Black-headed Grosbeak (you can barely see the beak)

At first I thought this was the same bird, but it wasn't

Spotted Towhee (adult male)

Sacramento Mountains beyond High Rolls

Juniper and Pinyon just off the Grand View Trail

Three-leaf Sumac berries

Elevation at a rest break

Apache Plume

Apache Plume in B&W

White Sands from the Grand View Trail

Another black-and-white of White Sands

Shady respite for Becca

Interesting trees

Interesting trees in B&W

Chihuahuan Flax (Linum vernale)

Chihuahuan Flax

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I like these black-and-white photos, especially the one of White Sands. We sure did have a good time in the high country.

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