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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Great Hiking Weather

Old trestle on the Alamogordo & Sacramento Mountains Railroad line
Dr. K, Becca and I trekked for over two hours on the Bridal Veil Falls Trail this morning, and the weather was perfect.  After yesterday's downpour we were concerned that parts of the trail might be muddy, but the whole thing was completely dry.  Better still, we saw absolutely no one during our entire hike, though there were two cars parked near ours at the trailhead when we got back.  All in all we had a very pleasant outing in the Sacramento Mountains today.
White Sands National Monument from the Bridal Veil Falls Trail


Sotol putting up a flower stalk

Becca leading the way into the canyon

Mesquite flowers

Cone making 101

Fineleaf Hymenopappus

Hymenopappus Filifolius

Dr. K photographing an Apache Plume while Becca forges ahead

Apache Plume, plumes and flower

Apache Plume

Tattered Mountain Rose

Unfolding Mountain Rose

Armless Yucca streaking through the mountains

Regal Ringneck Snake

A type of groundsel?

Artsy forest photo

Our neighbors' horse and goat

Nap time for horse and goat

A type of vervain?

Dr. K is up there somewhere

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I think our neighbor's horse and goat have become great buddies. They're always together grazing or relaxing in the meadow.

Nice photos, Packrat!

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